Every Body Walk! Collaborating and Connecting at the State and Regional Level (9:00am-10:30am)

Friday, September 15

Important goals and strategies of the EveryBody Walk! Collaborative and “Step it Up! The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Walking and Walkable Communities” include 1) making walking a national priority and 2) creating a sustainable national walking movement.  For these to be achieved, the movement needs to take root and have ownership and leadership at regional and local levels.  Such a movement cannot be successfully sustained solely by a national entity or by a national convening.

The session will connect stakeholders, members of the EBWC, and attendees of the National Walking Summit in specific geographic regions of the U.S. specifically to:

  • Hear from a national panel of stakeholders about the value of regional engagement
  • Meet other walking champions from their state and/or region and network
  • Discuss, share and map walking and walkability opportunities, challenges and issues relevant to their states and regions
  • Learn about opportunities to convene inaugural regional Everybody Walk! meetings
  • Identify potential EBW Ambassadors at state levels
  • Discuss potential next steps for moving the walking movement forward at state and regional levels