How will these National Walking Summits be different than the previous conferences?

These National Walking Summits will be smaller (200-300 people) and only contain one day’s worth of content. They will feature more local and regional presenters and programs and contain a collective action workshop focused on pushing forward a specific question or issue for the region.

What is a collective action workshop?

Designed by the local host committee, the collective action workshop will be an opportunity for conference attendees to use their knowledge and experiences to move forward a specific question or issue for the host region/city. These workshops will be hands on exercises designed to develop skills, build connections, provide feedback, and move the needle on walkability.

How many of these National Walking Summits will America Walks offer?

America Walks currently has scheduled two National Walking Summits for 2019-2020. If you wish to discuss bringing a National Walking Summit to your city or community, please contact us here.