Agency and Cross-disciplinary Partner Workshop on Walking and Walkability (12:30pm – 5pm)

Wednesday October 28,  12:30pm – 5pm

Organized by US Department of Transportation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and US Fish and Wildlife Service

Overview of Meeting

This session will bring together Federal, State, and local agencies, practitioners, public health and transportation officials, and stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of major federal initiatives and build multidisciplinary state and local actions to increase walking and walkable communities.

Meeting objectives:

  • Provide an overview of the Federal work occurring to increase walking and improve walkability, with a focus on activities around health and transportation;
  • Identify examples of State and local projects, strategies, successes, issues, and opportunities to increase walking and walkability;
  • Identify cross-disciplinary research needs and opportunities to increase the rate at which organizations are increasing walking and communities becoming more walkable; and
  • Identify strategies and solutions to more effectively align Federal, State, and local efforts to increase walking and walkability.

Workshop Moderator: Scott Bricker, America Walks, Executive Director

Session 1: Walking and Wheeling Safely to Work, School, Transit and Other Destinations

Moderators: Rebecca Higgins; Joanne Waszczak

Panelists: Bob Dallas, Board Chair of PEDS (Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety), and MARTA Board Member ; Jonathan Rogers, Transportation Mgmt Specialist, DC Department of Transportation; Keith Benjamin, Street Scale Campaign Manager, Safe Routes to School National Partnership (Voices 4 Healthy Kids Initiative); Tom Bertulis, Manager of Traffic Engineering Department, Design Consultants Inc.

Session 2: Walking for Health / Livability / Sustainability:

Moderators: Victoria Martinez; Ken Rose

Panelists: John Robert Smith, Transportation for America; Geoff Anderson, Smart Growth America; Barbara McCann, USDOT; Janet Collins, CDC

Session 3: Walking for Access to Recreation

Moderator: Christopher B Douwes, Federal Highway Administration

Panelists: Kevin Kilcullen, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Zarnaaz Bashir, Director, Health Initiatives, National Recreation and Park Association

Session 4: Tools for Understanding Walking Needs and Safety

Moderators and Panelists: Tom Schmid CDC; Jeremy Raw USDOT FHWA

Session 5: Data Collection and Research Trends and Gaps

Moderators and Panelists: Daniel Goodman USDOT FHWA; Heidi Coleman USDOT NHSTA