“Honey, But You’re Not 50!” … This Millennial’s Lessons from Unleashing Baby Boomers as the Next Generation of Walking Advocates

This presenter is part of the Livable Communities for All Ages panel.

50+ Walks is designed to get older adults to walk more, walk together, and advocate for safe walking environments. The program promotes physical and social health through weekly walking groups. The target audience is those age 50 and older, especially those coming from communities of color and the low-income. Pinpointing and overcoming barriers to walking presents a multifaceted challenge. Instilling confidence in walkers to take leadership roles in their groups requires developing strong personal connections. Walkers are trained and encouraged to become active participants in local transportation planning meetings to ask for safety improvements to their streets.

Presenter: Kemberli Sargent, Pedestrian Safety Program Manager, PEDS