How Walkable is Your Highway?

This presentation is part of the Planning for a Connected, Healthy and Active Future session.

Urban highways are a massive impediment to walkability.  This presentation will highlight how highways impede walkability and ways to mitigate those impacts, using examples from cities around the world. We will look closely at how highways prioritize long distance trips, creating barriers that prevent equitable access.  This will include a detailed look at the Reconnect Austin campaign and how the rebuild of I-35 in Austin could be designed to improve walkability, creating a healthier Austin in a number of critical ways. We will wrap up with an overview of the state/federal process, common pitfalls, and resources for advocates.


  • Heyden Black Walker, Urban Planner, Reconnect Austin
  • Lauren Cresswell, Policy Advisor, Reconnect Austin

Download a Copy of the Presentation Here