Long Lost Allies? Walking Advocates and Business District Organizations (4:00pm-5:30pm)

Thursday, September 14

Although not usually explicitly characterized as walking advocacy, much of the work of organizations working in neighborhood business districts (geographically-based business associations and community development corporations) aims to transform the appeal, comfort,  and perceived and real safety of the pedestrian realm. Creative placemaking, Special Service Districts, transit advocacy, TOD, art crawls and infrastructure planning are just a few methods employed by our panelists. These nonprofits also provide support to the businesses that provide neighbors with walkable access to goods, services and jobs. We encourage session-goers to begin to see these organizations as assets and allies in the quest for walkability and economic vitality.

Room: State 1


  • Shaina Brassard, Seward Redesign, Inc., Co-chair, Programs and Policies Subcommittee, city of Minneapolis Pedestrian AdvisoryCommittee
  • Jamie Schumacher, West Bank Business Association
  • Rob Hanson, West Broadway Business and Area Coalition
  • Matt Kazinka, Lake Street Council

Download a Copy of the Presentation Here