Minneapolis’ Radical, Equitable Greenway Project (9:00am-10:30am)

Friday, September 15

The North Minneapolis Greenway is a an innovative proposal to convert over 3 miles of low-traffic residential streets to a park-like trail and residential space in a diverse, low-wealth community of about 50,000 that has traditionally been left out and negatively affected by development decisions. Community engagement has evolved over time to be more equitable and community-based, culminating in a city-led, year-long, five-block tactical urbanism-style pilot of the greenway idea. In this session, planners, city staff and residents will talk about engagement strategies and the opportunities and challenges that come with tactical urbanism projects implemented by local government.

Room: State 2


  • Sarah Stewart, Senior Public Health Specialist, Minneapolis Health Department
  • Carrie Christensen, Designer, WHR Ecological
  • Alexis Pennie, Resident and Member of Northside Greenway Now!