Predictable is Preventable: Tracking Pedestrian Near-miss Incidents

This presentation is part of the Law Enforcement: Partners in Safety and Engagement session.

Crash data is often is the only factor used to identify places where pedestrian safety improvements are needed. However, crash data alone does not sufficiently identify hazardous locations. Pedestrian injury prevention must be pro-active in identifying challenging crossings rather than reactive to injury or death due to a crash. Researchers at Rutgers University surveyed police for information on school crossings considered most challenging for pedestrians. Officers identified “pedestrian near-misses with vehicles” more frequently than pedestrian crashes with vehicles. This presentation will identify ways to be pro-active in identifying problem areas and how to leverage local expertise to prioritize unsafe crossings.

Presenter: Leigh Ann Von Hagen, PP, AICP, Senior Research Manager, Voorhees Transportation Center, Rutgers University

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