Roanoke Valley Walks: A Pedestrian Plan for the Future

This presentation is part of the Planning for a Connected, Healthy and Active Future session.

The Roanoke Valley’s 2015 Regional Pedestrian Vision Plan provides a framework for developing land, redefining existing activity centers, and building infrastructure to promote walking for everyday trips.  The Plan incorporates public/stakeholder input and local plan recommendations, evaluates subdivision/zoning codes, provides examples of land development and infrastructure supportive of walkable places, and affirms that land development practices play the biggest role in the attractiveness of an area for pedestrian transportation.  Having already spurred new infrastructure projects, performance measures, and additional studies, the Plan is a great reference for the Roanoke Valley and other communities.

Presenter: Cristina D. Finch, AICP LEED AP, Director of Transportation, Roanoke-Valley Alleghany Regional Commission

Download a Copy of the Presentation Here