Measuring What Matters: Opportunities and Challenges with Performance Measures (2:15pm-3:45pm)

Thursday, September 14

This panel explores how to best orient active transportation planning efforts in a performance-based context. Streetsmart is an evidence-based tool that helps make the case for smarter transportation investments using a performance-based approach. We’ll then clarify goal-setting processes through the use of logic models that help differentiate outputs from outcomes in a planning process, and offer up a range of new metrics for active transportation programs. We’ll also discuss the emerging challenges in the use of conventional performance measures. Finally, we’ll discuss emerging opportunities for performance measures to move cross-sector collaborations from theoretical to practical.

Room: Governors 3


  • Kelly Rodgers, Executive Director, Streetsmart
  • Heidi Guenin, Senior Associate, Gridworks
  • Jessica Roberts, Principal, Alta Planning and Design

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