The Art of Learning…while Walking*

Two hundred people walking and learning about the history of their city and neighborhoods, architectural styles and public art (at the same time)?  And all in 60 minutes?  And free for participants?  It happens in Columbus. A partnership between Columbus Public Health and Columbus Landmarks, a non-profit advocate for historic preservation, created a series of walking tours, “Art Walks and Landmark Talks,” to make summer a time to get people moving.  The workshop’s purpose is to give ideas that can be replicated regarding logistics and costs and to share advantages and obstacles that come with success when a group of 20 walkers on a tour grows after six years to number more than 200.

Attendees of this workshop will be able to:

  • Describe the development and implementation of free walking tours.
  • Discuss successes and challenges associated public walking tours.

Facilitators: Phil Hanson and Doreen Uhas Sauer.