The Power of Walk! Bike! Fun!

This presentation is part of the Education of Youth and Community Members in Safe Routes to School session.

In this session, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (BikeMN) and Blue Earth County Public Health will share the power of “Walk! Bike! Fun!”, a pedestrian and bicycle safety curriculum, from the state to the local level. MnDOT will share how the Safe Routes to School program has supported the development of “Walk! Bike! Fun!” BikeMN will share the details of implementing the curriculum, and the power of teachers teaching kids about safe walking and bike skills that last a lifetime. Blue Earth County Public Health will share how the power of Safe Routes to School and the “Walk! Bike! Fun!” curriculum in schools in Mankato and New Ulm, MN have successfully improved the walkability and bike-ability of these communities.


  • Michelle Kiefer, Safe Routes to School Program Manager, Bike Alliance of Minnesota
  • Dave Cowan,  MnDOT Safe Routes to School Coordinator
  • Kristen Friedrichs, Blue Earth County Public Health SHIP Program Coordinator

Download a Copy of the Presentation