The Road Begins with Assessment-Walkability Stories from Neighborly South Dakota Cities and Towns (10:15am-11:45am)

Thursday, September 14

Stories of assessment to bring communities together and build capacity for improving walkability and active transportation in frontier, rural and urban South Dakota communities will be shared. Delivered in a fast-paced, 20×20 format, this session will showcase several diverse experiences. Each panelist will have 20 slides of 20 seconds each to inform and engage the audience before their time runs out! The findings from a summative evaluation study of the South Dakota Department of Health’s Walkable Communities Technical Assistance Program will be shared and comparisons between the two models and next steps identified in the study will be discussed.


  • Beth Davis, Physical Activity Coordinator, South Dakota Department of Health
  • Mary Michaels, Public Health Prevention Coordinator, City of Sioux Falls Department of Health, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Ann Schwader, Nutrition Field Specialist, South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension, Regional Extension Center, Winner, South Dakota
  • Tom Farnsworth, Director, Parks and Recreation, City of Pierre, South Dakota
  • Mike Bender, Professional Landscape Architect, KLJ Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Gloria Hanson, Mayor, City of Fort Pierre, South Dakota
  • Donald Burger, Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture Program, South Dakota State University (SDSU) School of Design