The Transformation of the Downtown Columbus Riverfront*

This is a Learning-from-Place workshop, pre-registration is required to attend. Please click here to register for this workshop.

Over the past 20 years, the Downtown Columbus Riverfront has been transformed, with six new riverfront parks that total more than 180 acres of greenspace and restored riparian habitat. Tour participants will visit these riverfront parks to experience the different features of each, from the event pavilion at North Bank Park, to the accessible pedestrian and bicycle pathways along the Scioto Mile, to the signature fountain and restaurant at Bicentennial Park. The crowning achievement in this riverfront renaissance was the removal of the Main Street Dam, which created 33 new acres of park space and restored the river to its original width.

Attendees of this workshop will:

  • Demonstrate how to plan for and design dynamic river edge parks that enable access for all users.
  • Describe how to remove unnecessary infrastructure to improve river health, riparian edges, and accessibility.

Facilitators: Andrew Overbeck