The Ville: Can Community-Based Tourism Revive Public Space in a Historic Black Community?

The Ville is a historic African-American community located in the heart of North St. Louis with a complicated history of triumph from forced segregation of the black community and deterioration from desegregation and divestment of The City of St. Louis. Despite its current distress, The Ville continues to house landmarks that memorialize an amazing story of perserverence and nuture community resilience that has recently led to initiatives that have inspired hopes of reinvigoration. Of those new initiatives, 4theVille, a cross-generational organization started by lifetime residents and young professional community activists, has begun to reclaim and leverage the history of the neighborhood as a galvanizer and catalyst for tourism and economic development. Join Aaron Williams from 4theVille and University of Minnesota Tourism Center Director Cynthia Messer for a tour of The Historic Ville and an introduction to community-based tourism planning.