Using Mobile Location Based Gaming to Increase Community Engagement

This presentation is part of the “Walking into the Future: Technology and the Walking Movement” panel.

Niantic, Inc. has pioneered the use of mobile location based games to encourage community engagement and outdoor exploration. Knight Foundation is a national foundation with strong local roots that makes significant investments in vibrant public spaces and places that bring people together. Through Niantic’s games, which include Ingress and Pokémon GO, there’s been a rise in gamers who play games outside, leading to increased walking, social interaction, and a number of health benefits. Recognizing shared goals, Knight and Niantic entered into a partnership to work together to explore how their games can get citizens outside, exploring their towns in city-organized events. This presentation will focus in on how we can use outdoor, mobile gaming to encourage communities to come together and create positive experiences in public space, and what we’ve seen so far from our partnership.

Presenter: Yennie Fuller, Civic & Social Impact, Niantic

Download a Copy of the Presentation Here