Vital and Vibrant Communities Are Open and Collaborative

Please click here to view the program for the 2017 National Walking Summit. 

Vital and vibrant communities work to bring together partners and community members from a broad range of sectors and backgrounds. These partnerships and the work that they do are open to all community members, all sectors and all backgrounds. Walkable communities are communities where all people come together to create positive change for all members through thoughtful discussions, systemic changes and community participation. They are communities where the people who are effected by change are the change makers. This path will look at how to form collaborations and examples of successful partnerships that bring together all members of a community to create lasting change. This path will grapple with the authentic conversations sometimes needed to create collaboration between very diverse groups and very entrenched systems. Participants of this path will leave the Summit with the tools and information needed to forge new partnerships and engage individuals in sectors outside of the walking movement.

These sessions will:

  • Demonstrate the success and power of creating collaborations and partnerships to achieve goals of the walking movement.
  • Share examples of successful and creative partnerships and collaborations to achieve community objectives,
  • Provide techniques and trainings on ways to engage new partners and develop collaborations.

Featured sessions in this path include: