Vital and Vibrant Communities Are Productive and Thriving

Please click here to view the program for the 2017 National Walking Summit. 

Vital and vibrant communities are places that are continuing to grow and develop physically, socially, sustainably, and economically. This path will look at the power behind walkable communities, focusing on the economic and social benefits that come when walkable communities are available to all members. These economic benefits include those experienced by families, businesses and municipalities. This path will look at the synergy between walkable communities, equitable development, and affordable housing, and examine how walkable communities thrive, produce value and offer opportunities that strengthen and protect communities from the cycles of free markets. Participants of this path will leave the Summit with the data and resources that demonstrate the economic strength and viability of increasing walking and walkability to create and sustain vital and vibrant communities.

These sessions will:

  • Demonstrate the power of walkable communities in creating thriving downtowns, vibrant main streets and dynamic economies of all shape and sizes.
  • Share community, state and national level benefits of the walking movement to economic strength and stability.
  • Demonstrate how walkable communities create new development and opportunities for productivity.
  • Understand the multiple levels and types of economic benefits that safe, walkable places can create

Featured sessions in this path include: