Wheels in Motion (1:00pm-5:00pm)

Wednesday, September 13

This walking/strolling workshop, led by Overcome Yours founder Garrett Brumfield and Walk2Connect founder Jonathon Stalls, will cover a two-mile radius and include stops at various establishments and landmarks to assess their degree of accessibility for people with mobility impairments. Participants will be given the opportunity to use wheelchairs, walkers and others assistive devices to simulate and better understand the daily challenges faced by individuals with mobility impairments.  Garrett will share a few personal stories of the accessibility challenges he has faced and overcome living with cerebral palsy. Before concluding the workshop, the participants and facilitators will gather to discuss their observations and ways to improve accessibility.


  • Garrett Brumfield, Founder, Overcome Yours
  • Jonathon Stalls, Founder and Member-Owner, Walk2Connect