Breaking Down Walls to Take the First Step

There are any number of reasons individuals and communities don’t walk. Explore some of these reasons and what can be done to address them with this session.

About the Panel

Mitch Eagles, Transit Rider Empowerment Project Mitch Eagles is a transit justice activist from St. Louis, and a car-free resident there since 2015. He helped to initiate the Transit Rider Empowerment Project in early 2020, as an effort to amplify the voice of transit riders (and especially bus riders) in demanding the transportation system our city deserves.

Yetunde Janski-Ogunfidodo (Tunde) is a visual/performing artist, equity facilitator and creative consultant who stumbled into the world of philanthropy and artist support through a gallery door. Driven by a love of meaningful experiences and a passion for equity, education, and (local and global) community-building, she has built a career initiating and supporting artist-driven projects that make space for human connections.

Grace Kyung works at Urban Strategies, Inc. as a catalyst in changing how to plan for communities by applying a health and racial equity lens to develop healthy communities. To do this in a just way, she works alongside community members to recognize historical circumstances and the current conditions necessary to achieve equity. Grace is developing the Downtown East St. Louis Transformation Plan that’ll focus on housing, neighborhood, and people strategies to ensure all families are stable and thriving. Grace has received recognition and awards from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Missouri State APA, Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, and the Transportation Research Board. She is also a core-organizer with the Untokening, which is comprised of advocates from diverse social and racial backgrounds who work in professional and personal capacities to advance equity in mobility and community development.

Mia Turner is a Community Health Worker and Generate Health – FLOURISH Initiative Community Champion.