Creative Revival of the Walkable Neighborhood*

This is a Learning-from-Place workshop, pre-registration is required to attend. Please click here to register for this workshop.

What happens when one of the most notorious neighborhoods ever is suddenly fair game all at once?  Franklinton suffered a cataclysmic flood in 1913 leading to decades of economic stagnation earning the nickname of “The Bottoms” and a reputation as the place to avoid.  The 2003 completion of the flood-wall was supposed to change all of that over night.  It didn’t. But eventually, art did.

Attendees of this workshop will:

  • Be bold! Describe how big audacious ideas, if they come from a legitimate place, can change your built environment.
  • Explain why arts and cultural institutions are the best activators of sidewalk life

Facilitator: Jim Sweeney