Grow! Play! Celebrate! Transform Your Street! (10:15am-11:45am)

Thursday, September 14

Make your streets a place to grow food, play music, engage in art, discover your community and connect with your family and neighbors! This session will show you how to incentivize walking and physical activity — especially in disadvantaged and diverse neighborhoods — by incorporating art, play and other diverse activities into your streetscapes. Using case studies from diverse and disadvantaged communities throughout the U.S. and the around world, we will explore how streetscapes can attract residents, encourage play and physical activity, provide a sense of place, express local culture and make neighborhoods and communities safer and healthier.

Room: Kellogg 3


  • Mukul Malhotra, Principal¬†MIG, Inc.
  • Christina Frank, Designer, MIG, Inc.
  • Ryan Swanson, Designer, The Urban Conga