Street Synergy: All-Inclusive Considerations for a Two-Way Cycletrack in a Central Business District (8:30am-12:30pm)

Wednesday, September 13

Join a walking workshop of St. Paul’s Capital City Bikeway and see firsthand how the city’s first protected bikeway in the heart of downtown is designed with consideration for all people using the street, while minimizing multimodal conflict. We will talk about the trade-offs and lessons learned throughout the many facets of the design and implementation process: from community engagement to how to support collaboration between engineers, urban designers, and planners; from the importance of placemaking to create vibrant places for people to going beyond simple ADA compliance; from artistic and innovative stormwater management to designing for winter maintenance.


  • Reuben Collins, P.E., Transportation Planner/Engineer, City of St. Paul, MN
  • Todd Grugel, P. E. MNDOT ADA Program Engineer