The Discovery Trail*

This is a Learning-from-Place workshop, pre-registration is required to attend. Please click here to register for this workshop.

The Discovery District is a unique area because it is home to our city’s art museum, four higher education institutions (including Columbus College of Art & Design), the nation’s number one library, two historic districts and two major employers. Currently, the area is not walkable because of the width of Broad Street, poor condition of sidewalks and abundance of surface parking lots. Our goal is to develop a Discovery Trail to improve safety, connectivity and address the barrier of car-centric design. Part of that includes small-scale projects that develop a sense of place and encourage people to explore further.

Attendees of this workshop will:

  • Explain how improvements in the public right of way, including intersections, can create a sense of place while improving safety and connectivity.
  • Demonstrate small-scale interventions that can build quick support for larger projects

Facilitators: Cass Freeland and Jess Matthews