Vital and Vibrant Communities Are Engaged and Informed

Please click here to view the program for the 2017 National Walking Summit. 

Vital and vibrant communities make sure that every member has the opportunity and resources needed to be part of the process in creating and planning for safe, accessible and enjoyable walking conditions for all. This path will look at the programs, policies, data sources and tools available to advocates to work to engage and inform government officials, businesses and organizations to promote walking and walkability efforts in their communities. It will examine how when individual advocates or organizations come together, they are more powerful and influential. It will highlight new models of engagement, how technology is changing the conversations and how to plan now for a sustainable future. Participants of this path will leave the Summit equipped to advocate for walkable communities with decision-makers and other community members.

These sessions will:

  • Demonstrate how individual advocates can engage and inform the decision-making process in creating walkable communities for all.
  • Share tools, resources, data, and techniques available to help inform decision-makers on the power of walkability.
  • Provide new information, data and resources that have been developed since the 2015 National Walking Summit that should be shared with the walking movement.

Featured sessions in this path include: