Vital and Vibrant Communities Are Healthy For All

Please click here to view the program for the 2017 National Walking Summit. 

Vital and vibrant communities are places where the health of every community member is prioritized and health disparities are actively addressed. This path will look at the policies, programs and resources available to promote environments and activities that encourage physically, mentally and socially healthy behavior for all. This path will also tackle the difficult conversations that come when we are faced with the reality that where an individual lives is a major determinant to the length and quality of life. Participants of this path will leave the Summit with resources and knowledge to help transform communities into healthy, livable spaces for all members by promoting walking as a form of inclusive physical activity and walkable communities as spaces for every community member to be active.

These sessions will:

  • Showcase programs, policies and techniques available to promote healthy communities and physical activity through the promotion of walking and walkability.
  • Share success stories of projects, programs and/or communities that have taken steps to improve physical, mental or social health through walking or walkability.
  • Provide information on a broad range of benefits of walkable communities supported by current research and health indicators.

Featured sessions in this path include: