Walkable Communities for Who?

Walkable communities that are not accessible or inviting to all community members are not walkable. This session will explore the strategies, resources, and considerations necessary to make sure we are achieving our mission of truly walkable places.

About the Panel

  • Lonny Boring, Senior Project Manager, Great Rivers Greenway District: Lonny Boring is Senior Project Manager for Great Rivers Greenway, the St. Louis region’s park and trail agency. Since 2008, he has managed more than $150 million in greenway and infrastructure improvement projects.   He served as Great Rivers Greenway’s lead project manager for the public-private CityArchRiver partnership. This transformational project delivered major improvements to the Gateway Arch National Park including renovations to the historic landscape and expanded museum.   It also included the complete redesign and reconstruction of Kiener Plaza in downtown St. Louis.  He is currently working to complete the connection between the River des Peres Greenway and Gravois Greenway: Grant’s Trail.  Lonny earned a bachelor’s degree from Missouri University of Science & Technology and a master’s degree from the Nicholas School for the Environment at Duke University.
  • Krista Dye and Carol Griffin of Special Olympics Missouri: Special Olympics Missouri is the world’s largest public health organization and sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities. Our athletes find joy, confidence and fulfillment — on the playing field and in life. They also inspire people in their communities and elsewhere to open their hearts to a wider world of human talents and potential. Many of our athletes come to us with neglected health problems. At State Games and other events, we offer a wide range of free health screenings and care. Our goal is to bring better fitness, nutrition and healthier lifestyles to everyone involved in Special Olympics — from athletes and their families, to coaches and volunteers.