Creating Age-Friendly, Walkable Communities– It isn’t as simple as one Foot in Front of the Other

Thursday October 29, 2:15 – 3:45pm

Walking is great for everyone’s health and walking among older adults is especially popular.  In this session you will hear the latest research on how the existing infrastructure in most communities has adverse impacts on the basic mobility of aging adults, and the challenges faced by older adults who want to travel safely by foot. You will also hear about the attitudes and behaviors of older adults concerning walking based on a nationally-representative survey of all adult Americans.  Then hear case studies from Brownsville, Texas and New York City where multiple sectors are working to make the community more walkable, especially for seniors.

Moderator: Chip Johnson, Mayor, Hernando, MS


  • William Milczarski, Ph.D., Department of Urban Policy and Planning, Hunter College –CUNY
  • Peter Tuckel, Ph.D., Department of Sociology, Hunter College – CUNY
  • Arturo Rodriguez, MPH, Director of Public Health, Brownsville, Texas
  • Jesse Mintz-Roth, MUP, Senior Project Manager, New York City Department of Transportation